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Wholesale cable tie supplier

About Precision Cable Ties


We are a 100% Australian owned and operated wholesale cable tie supplier business that specialises in the selling of cable ties direct to the end user.


Priding ourselves on quality products and an unrivalled customer service team. We work very closely with our suppliers to ensure that you are getting the best quality product available at the most competitive prices on the market.

Our parent company Precision Paper Coatings (PPC) was formed in 1970 and continues to be at the fore in its field especially in combination with specialised and often unique end use applications.


It’s that same drive, specialisation and industry experience that allows Precision Cable Ties to bring some of the best quality cable ties to Australia at such a low cost. Our high quality nylon and stainless steel cable ties are some of the best in the market.


Take a look at our great range of products from nylon to stainless steel cable ties in many widths and lengths for your application.

For more information on our product technical specification, view our technical brochure.

A wholesale cable tie supplier

Precision Cable Ties is a wholesale cable tie supplier, selling cable ties direct to the end users in industries like HVAC, fire protection, electrical, lighting, audio visual, marine, agriculture, mining, pharmaceutical, scaffolding, industrial packaging, general packaging or DIY. See below more specifics for each industry, and how Precision Cable Ties can benefit you.

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HVAC Cable Ties

With cable ties lengths of up to 1530mm, you can secure up to 450mm ducts with precision. Our high strength nylon cable ties are perfect for HVAC work and reliable when working on commercial and residential applications.

Fire Protection Cable Ties

Our polyamide 6.6 nylon cable ties are suited to operating temperatures of -40°C to +85°C and a maximum short term temperature of +110°C. Our cable ties are flammability tested and UL94 - V2 approved. Suited to securing cables, pipes and hoses, these cable ties can be used for almost any type of application especially where safety regulations are high, particularly in construction, rail, and defense industries. We also have fire resistant 316 stainless steel cable ties.

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Electrical Cable Ties

Our cable ties suit cable bundles from 3mm to 450mm and a minimum tensile strength of 81.58kgf giving you consistent performance and reliability. With a range of sizes our products are easy and economical to get the job done quickly and cheaply.

Lighting, Audio and Visual Cable Ties

When you need to secure hanging and overhead equipment for residential and commercial needs, make sure you have the right tensile strength product to safely secure them to the wall or roof. Our high quality products come in a range of strengths up to a minimum tensile strength of 81.58kg to ensure safety for all.

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Marine Cable Ties

Use our UV resistant (Black) cable ties manufactured from virgin nylon, making them stronger, greater resilience to UV and weather resistance. Our plastic is suited for outdoor use and will resist wear and becoming weak or brittle over time. We also supply stainless 316 cable ties where extra corrosive resistance is required, designed for fresh water and salt water marine environments.

Agriculture Cable Ties

Use our sun resistant (Black) cable ties to attach tags, bundle plants and produce, secure heavy materials, and more. Our premium nylon cable ties are perfect for farms, factories and commercial settings, where strength and durability are needed.

Net Covering Crops

Scaffolding Cable Ties

While not used for direct loads, our cable ties in conjunction with scaffolding structures are perfect for securing shades, materials and tags to a variety of areas. view our technical brochure for our tensile strength chart to make sure they adhere to your local specifications.

Industrial and General Packaging Cable Ties

Precision Cable Ties supply a range of natural, UV protected and stainless steel ties for any industrial packaging application. From food factories to automotive packaging, we have a range of products to suit your needs and regulations.

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