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Precision Cable Ties are an Australian market leader for cable tie quality and range of sizes available. We have compiled a list of applications where you will find our cable ties being used. We encourage all our customers to ensure that the product is suitable for their application and to contact us if you have any enquiries or questions.


Heating, Ventilations and Air-Conditioning (HVAC)

Made to be used with flexible duct in the HVAC industry as a mechanical fastener for quick and secure installation on site. Used in accordance with AS.4254.

Deluge valve system of firefighting syst

Fire Protection

Used in passive fire protection systems, securing cables and conduit, pipe and signs. Our metal cable ties are made from 316 grade stainless steel to withstand the most corrosive environments. They also operate in extreme temperatures and are non-flammable.

Closeup macro detail of the woody trunk


Used to train young vines, the Guyot method is one of the most common uses for cable ties in agriculture. The natural coloured cable ties are not designed to withstand long periods exposed to U.V and will break down and fall off over time as the vine grows and gets strong.

Voltage switchboard with circuit breaker

Electrical, Lighting and Audio Visual

Securing cables into tidy bundles for various applications, including solar panel installations, electrical switchboard installations, underground cabling, audio visual and staging.



Commonly used for non-structural where they are not exposed to direct loading, such as when attaching shade cloth to the inside of mesh as a control measure against the risk of falling objects.



Our stainless steel cable ties are marine-grade made from 316 stainless steel. They have an incredibly high tensile strength, excellent corrosion resistance, U.V resistance, non-flammability, and extreme temperature ratings of -80°C to +538°C.


Mining, Industry, Manufacturing and DIY

Used in these industries because cheaper cable ties can be costly. Our cable ties are made to withstand extreme temperatures, high breaking strains, corrosion, U.V and certain oils and chemicals.

Packed courier on production line agains

General and Industrial Packaging

Used in the packaging line to secure goods for safety, transport, freshness and security. Cable ties can be supplied into any number of businesses to contribute to the packaging process. Our cable ties are being used for pharmaceutical, food & beverage, beauty products and high security item packaging.
They can be applied using strapping and cutting tools to improve worker speed and safety.

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